Programs and Projects

A brief history

of selected client work

Solution Shapers Startup Commercial Concept

April 1, 2019

Deutsche Bahn Arriva UK Bus Digital Transformation Program

January 1, 2018

Enterprise architecture, setup and run a new technology design authority, research, assess and maintain technology design portfolio, deliver a new enterprise future technology roadmap

Deutsche Bahn Enterprise Global Customer Technology

January 1, 2017

Enterprise architecture research customer technology across 13 European countries leading to recommendation of future customer technology roadmap for input to a new global innovation program. Timeline 01 Jan 2018 – 31 Mar 2019

Stagecoach Innovation App Lead Solution Architecture

September 1, 2015

Executive sponsored project focusing on delivering mobility as a service across multiple transportation options through a new spin out company, research through to design, development and delivery of pilot technology, daily engagement with suppliers and partners. Design included integration of multiple data and services, capability map, functional map, outline roadmap,

Thomas Cook One Customer View Program Lead Solution Architecture

September 1, 2015

Strategic program to accelerate change across the customer journey. Technology selection for omnichannel, single customer view transformation, complex data amalgamation, migration and integration with existing legacy systems, management of solution architects and onward delivery teams for design and delivery of new solution. Timeline Sep 2015 – May 2016.

Innovation IoT Startup Solution Architecture Consultancy

May 1, 2015

Technology advisory service for a first round funded IT service business with a plan to provide an innovative Internet of Things solution into the digital marketplace.

TCS Networks Solution Architecture Design Program

March 1, 2014

Program to capture and document the network architecture and update the solution design for a large portfolio of applications. Timeline Mar 2014 – Apr 2015.

Jaguar Landrover CTO Projects Solution Architecture

March 1, 2011

Solution architecture for projects and programs, delivering project solution design and associated documentation from concept to high level design through chief technology office solution governance gateways, adhering to standards and guidelines, liaising with suppliers and partners to deliver low level design into production.

Ford Motor Company Transition Program

March 1, 2008

Solution architecture for large scale transition program following sub company acquisition and transfer of I.T. ownership to new company. Research, alignment and validation of applications design documentation working with suppliers and partners, architecture support for transition of applications and cutover to production in new environment. Mar 2008 – March 2011.

Repeat Digital Transformation, Application Solutions Consultancy

March 1, 2006

University of Warwick Spin Out Company, I.T. design and development with focus on digital transformation, supporting small medium enterprises and government agencies with solution architecture design through to implementation.

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